Trade Offer - Unlimited Passion
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Thanks for visiting us at Motorcycle Trade Expo yesterday, we appreciate it!

If there’s any questions you have about the use or sale of the products, let us know and we’ll be glad to answer them.

Here is a brief summary of what you saw at EXPO:

  • THUNDERBOLT wipes can be used for anything and are especially good for grease. The repellent coating they leave behind is heat resistant to 270 degrees Celsius so is far more resilient than wax and other products, leaves the machine looking better for longer and easier to clean next time.
  • The ULTIMATE foam is incredible on bugs, also the hard to clean and hard to reach areas like rough engine casings and engine fins. ULTIMATE can be used with or without water. With water it’s a case of spray on the entire machine, hose off, and buff with a microfibre cloth. Or Spray on wipe off and buff without water. The waterless approach is best for whipping bugs off. ULTIMATE leaves a repellent coating too.
  • The ADDICT spray is for those who don’t like the idea of wipes and also gives an extra pop in the shine department. ADDICT comes with a microfibre as our microfibre cloths are specifically made to work with the product to produce best results.
  • RED EFFECT is a wheel cleaner and colour indicating fallout remover that is pH neutral and safe for all types of wheels. It’s a unique product not only removes brake contamination but deep cleans too. It delivers a ‘like new’ finish.
  • UNGREASE is a TRUE degreaser, it actually removes grease instead of diluting it and spreading it for 50 miles. Spray on, short wait, and either wash & rinse, or continue spraying and rinse, then dry before re-lubricating. It’s completely safe on elastomers and ‘o-rings’.

Here’s the vital info on the products and prices and here are the links to the 2 bundle offers we have:

Here is the offer with the free POS Stand (£99 exc VAT) as seen in the attached image.

Here is the offer for the Startup Bundle:

The end column below represents the equivalent offer price for each product in the bundle so you can see what you’re saving.

When you join us we will put out some Facebook advertising in your area to raise awareness and as I mentioned, if you make any videos of the product in use or any of your customers share results with you, we’ll pay to put those out too.

We’ve also got an online membership area exclusive for our trade partners where we have put some useful support material together to help increase sales of our products and other products or services in your business too.